Adharshila Capital Services Limited was incorporated in the year 1993 and registered with the Reserve Bank of India as an NBFC, to carry out the following business:-


To engage in the business of management of security offering/issue of corporate bodies including making arrangements for selling or buying or subscribing to or dealing in securities, preparation of offer documents/ prospectus/letters of offer, tying up with other intermediaries in securities, rendering corporate advisory service, determining financial structure of issuer, to manage portfolio of securities, to handle allotment and refund of securities, to underwrite issues and to undertake all other matters connected with issue/offering of securities.


To subscribe, take, purchase, or acquire by original subscription, contract, tender, purchase, exchange, underwriter participate in syndicates or otherwise and whether or not fully paid up, and to subscribe for the same, subject to such terms/ and conditions, as may be thought fit.


To lend money, either with or without security, and generally, to such persons and upon such terms and conditions as the company may think fit and also to invest the moneys of the Company, not immediately required, in or upon such investments and in such manner as, from time to time, may be determined, provided that the Company shall not carry on the business of the banking as defined in the Banking Regulations Act, 1949.


To carry on the business of finance, hire purchase, leasing and investment Company.